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 Post subject: Guild Meeting, November 19th, 6 est - Discord Channel
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:37 pm 
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I've been speaking with some people in the guild about things that have gone on in the past of the guild with various chapters set up for various games that we have played and we have discussed things that we felt were problematic within the guild as a whole. That being said, I made the decision to do something very drastic. I have heard alot of people say over the 17 years of our existence that they wished we would find another game where the Fist was like it was in EverQuest when we started out back in February of 2000. I understand how people feel. Some people of course were never there for that and joined up with us later and had different experiences. We can never go back to the past. What's done is done, we can only go forward. I think it's time for the guild to change very heavily. When I first brought it up and started talking about some of the things going on and how I'd been feeling Saulo for example thought at first I was going to call it quits and disband the guild. While that is NOT going to happen, after this coming meeting, the guild is never going to be the same ever again; that much I can promise you.

The last time we made sweeping changes to the guild some people elected to not show up at the meeting, even though everyone was invited and welcome, as will always be the case. However, those same people that skipped out on the meeting when they knew it was going on decided that they were then angry with the results of the meeting and left the guild because of it. All they had to do was show up, and they made no effort to that. While I hate losing people, a spade is a spade, and that is on them because they chose simply not to be bothered with the meeting when they could have very easily voiced their ideas and opinions. If you care about the guild at all, please show up for it. We're pulling no punches this time and the only thing more severe then some of what we are talking about doing would be in fact to delete the guild and start again from scratch.

Some of the items that will be discussed will range from bringing back the "Afterparty" of Wintergrasp in WoW, to PvP, raiding, changing rank structure in the guild, a heavier focus on RP, recruiting, specialty officers, changing the page on Facebook, Guild Beta's, and other things as they relate to our chapter in World of Warcraft. As I said, we are pulling no punches. The meeting will be held Sunday, November 19th, at 6pm est time in our Discord channel. Info for accessing Discord is on the Fist site in a sticky thread on the Inner Sanctum forum. If you do not have access let me know and I will fix it for you. If you do not have a microphone there is a text channel that you can use to type and that's fine. For those of you that ever played a game with us that might be reading this, I cannot urge you this anymore how important it is for you to come. To me the guild isn't just a group of friends that play a game but a family.

You've always been very special to me, and I want to outdo everything we've ever done in our past, be it Bloody Kithicor from EQ (where the guild's origins hail from), Trick or Treat for CoV, or our times fighting in mass PvP over the years. It takes more than leadership to make a guild successful. It takes loyalty and camaraderie along with looking out for one another the way a family truly does. While I know we have had some people that perhaps didn't care about the guild and saw it as a just a tag or a vehicle to their ends, that's never how I have seen it ever. This is your chance for your voice to be heard and to discuss the sweeping changes, which we are going to do to make sure the Fist changes from here on out. When we're done, I promise you, the guild will never be the same ever again.

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