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 Post subject: Wardd's Origin
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:14 am 

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Hello all! Just joined! My IC name is Wardd.

Wardd is an orphan whose past remains veiled in mystery. Abandoned one cold night by the Stormwind's orphanage, the kind matron and caretakers gave succour with a lot of love and affection. The warmth embrace shed light into his heart and he knew he was already home at the first place.

As he grew, curiosity reared its ugly head. One by one, his mates from the orphanage got adopted. All those years of hard work forging those bonds of brotherhood were easily shattered by a mere flailing arms of goodbyes and well wishes.

Questions of his past started lurking in his mind. The first question any abandoned child would often ask is "Why?" Yet, with neither any form of documentation, witnesses nor relations, his origins trailed to a winding chasm of perpetual inquisition. There was a point of time in his life when the mounting burden of questions started weighing him down. His heart sunk and he was at the precipice of depression. As he sat by the fountain facing the cathedral, a dark thought surfaced from the deep recesses of his mind, "Perhaps, I should just - "

"Young man," a voice beckoned, "Could you help me carry this load?" An old man, clothed in simple garb of white with nary a hair on his head was struggling to carry a small crate. He gestured toward the cathedral. Wardd left his thoughts by the fountain, propped himself up and helped the old man. By the time they reached the cathedral's basement, the old man huffed with relief and turned to Wardd with a smile, "Heavy is the load, the burden one's to carry - alone. But with two, the Light and faith, no mountain could weigh you down."

Wardd was not used to the intricacies of language the men of cloth love to preach but he immediately knew what it meant. Somehow, by the hand of fate, the Light had woven its golden thread into the tapestry of Wardd's life and perhaps, took interest in him. At that moment, his sordid thoughts moments back were smothered by the grace of divinity. Soon, the cathedral became his favourite haunt. Nothing made his day like the old man's smile and nuggets of wisdom till one day, he was nowhere to be found. A quick enquiry turn to despair. "I'm sorry Wardd, he's on an urgent errand to Duskwood and he left before the sun rose."

Days became weeks and before long, the dreaded news came in a sealed letter. No words need to be said. Wardd grabbed the letter and voraciously read before crushing it in a fist of fury. "Demons..."

And so, his path of vengeance began.

 Post subject: Re: Wardd's Origin
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:10 pm 
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Welcome to the Fist brother!

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